marzo 27, 2011

Gay roles, straight actors

So... the other day a girl (I assume) replied a comment that I made in some video of Glee, where everyone was talking about the sexuality of the actor Darren Criss, who plays Blaine and kisses Kurt. One in particular said something about a "mixed message", that "gay roles should be played by gay actors" and stuff like that. I posted something and she send me a PM saying:

"I just got this message cause I'm not on here that often. No what I meant by that, (didn't mean to offend if I did). But when it comes to homosexual parts, I DO NOT believe str8 ppl should play those parts. I'm SORRY if it offends you but that's MY opinion on the matter. It bad enough SO many men are already gay, so now women have to deal with finding a str8 man, a good man, a family man, and a supporter that isn't abusive!!! That is SO HARD to do in these days and sending a mixed message to viewers, is NOT sending a good message for attractive men. Who wants to be with someone and have to look over their shoulder wondering if they are really gay or not. Total turn off!"

So I sended one back...

"It doesn't offend me, I just find it hard to believe.
I undrstand that it is your opinion, but it doesn't mean that you can't go talking without explianing youserlf to ppl who find your comment interesting. I mean, it isn't a MUST, but it should be nice to discuss this, because I don't get what's the "mixed message", I mean, it's ACTING, right?
And, c'mon, it's hard to find a good man, a good woman, a good dog and a good work. Life is complex, and if u think that gay parts played by gay guys and str8, played by str8s, I'd like to know how does it help to "find a good man".
And finally, why do u have to be looking over you shoulder?! Love gets to you when it has to, and things just happen smoothly, gently, in a tender way. If u don't have that, even if he is a str8 man, love won't work btween u...

so, PLEASE, make your point!

And she said:

"OK, if you ever get a chance to see the movie called "Cover", please watch that movie. Its stuff like that, that bothers me. Love happens of course its going to be a world wind experience. I get your point about acting and all, but when str8 ppl play gay roles, for a lot of women, it throws them off. Undercover men are ACTING, so what's the difference? They don't get paid??? Yes its hard to find a lot of good things in life and life isn't easy or less complicated. But it would help for those who are searching to take the gay/str8 debate out of it. One of my closest friends are gay, I LOVE HIM FOREVER, he's the sweetest guy. I just dont like the pretending shit. To live 25yrs with someone only to find out that they aren't who they say they are is disturbing. If i'm not mistaken, there's a book called "On the Down Low" written by a man, who was married with children, and had a secret life on the side. He appeared str8 but wasn't.

Anyway, it does send a mixed message to ppl to play a gay role, the ppl not know u, and then the same sex makes a move, then u have to explain yourself at the embarrassment of the person or if it were the other way around as well. It shouldn't have to be that way. This isn't just for hollywood but for the acting world completely. Your opinion says, there's no mixed message, in mine there is.

So I said:

"Im sorry if i'm taken the wrong side of your message understandint that... you think that, maybe, someday, you'll marry an actor? I mean, why would you care about getting confused about the sexuality of an actor?

That was the first thing that came to my mind. The second one is that, you're saying that we should have a sign, or something showing out what we are (str8, gay, bi...) so it's easy for u (or others) to get to know that guy / that woman? I mean, it's the cool side of life NOT knowing what are you gonna bump in to... isnt it?

And third... If someone isn't living the way he/she feels is because many ppl think that he/she should hide or take the "other" way in his/her sexuality. If I marry a woman, but I like men, maybe am doing it to have a peacefull life without everyone pointing at me. Maybe I will decide to have "a secret life" obviously on purpose, but that's actually a way of finding peace from all the judgements outside, dont you think? Is it really my "fault" if I do that? If I appear to be str8 but i am really gay, or bi? So... is it "pretending" wrong 'cause they're bad ppl? Really?

And c'mon, isn't it funny to be friends with a gay man that once you liked? Imagine all the funny stuff you could talk about just because you DIDN'T KNEW that he was gay! HAhahaha

Take care, and see you next time, maybe.

BTW, how old are you?


Currently, am waiting for her PM, and I will post ithere. What do u think about this?

Here it is, the answer!

lol I'm 23yrs young. lol But that beside the point. Actor/ actresses doesn't necessarily mean famous. It could be local as well. But NO I do NOT agree with pretending about sexuality, because its so BIG in the community I'm in. Why should you have to lie about who you really are in my honest opinion?

I'll post something back tomorrow... Not, I'm sleepy...

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